The exhibit consists of introductory textual material and 58 retablos mounted on medium density fiberboard with a plastic laminate overlay.  The dimensions of the display board are 20in wide X 28 in high and each includes one retablo and a description and text in English and Spanish.  The entire exhibit comes in two crates measuring 33.5 inches x 51 inches x 30.25 inches.  Crate #1 weighs 475 pounds and crate #2 weighs 469 pounds.  A list of retablos included in the exhibit follows.  Those marked with an asterisk are also reproduced in the book Miracles on the Border (University of Arizona Press 1995).


This exhibit is generally displayed along the walls of one or more secured rooms. The exhibit requires approximately 175 feet (53 meters) of linear wall space.


58 Retablos
4 Text panels


Please note that the object labels include both the Spanish and English translation of the text from the retablos.


The exhibit requires a moderate level of security. The artifacts should be displayed in a secured space that can be monitored while open and locked when not in use.


There is no fee for this exhibit.


All shipping arrangements for the exhibit will be made by the Mexican Migration Project. The relevant information will be conveyed to you well in advance of the arrival of the exhibit at your institution.

Shipping contracts will be negotiated. Shipping costs will be prorated among the borrowing institutions and invoiced separately. You will be notified of the cost once the exhibit's itinerary is determined..