The MMP Database (MMP134) is currently one of the most concise and vast data set of its kind in existence. It comprises of 134 communities with 21,522 households surveyed in Mexico and 957 households surveyed in the United States. Individual level data on 71,448 males and 72,805 females, for a total of 144,258 persons. It contains information about 7,398 household heas with migration experience to the U.S. The life history file has a total of 1,082,322 of person-years for analysis. In this section, you will find the MMP Database and all relevant documentation available for download:

The Descriptions area contains background information on the MMP research strategies and database construction, as well as a general file content information.

The Data Files area contains all data files available for download to the public.

The Documentation area offers the data files code books and appendices, as well as the questionnaires used by the MMP to gather the data.